• Personal Details
  • Occupation & eligibility
  • Pension protection
  • Taking benefits (Retirement)
  • Contributions
  • Transfers
  • Investments
  • Verification of Identity
  • Expression of Wishes
  • Cancellation rights
  • Data protection
  • Declaration

Our Sharia SIPP in partnership with Wahed Invest

Application for Direct Clients

You will be required to complete sections 1-11. This will allow our new business team to produce an illustration which will provide a projection of your retirement savings plan based on your contribution amounts and chosen retirement date. Once you have accepted the illustration, you will be prompted to complete the declaration in section 12, sign and date your application for processing.

Before you send us your SIPP application you should read our SIPP information, including key features, terms & conditions, data protection and declaration statements, and the fee schedule, which are an important part of this application.

Please complete all sections. [An example form is available on this site for your reference to assist you]

SIPP to be established for a Direct Client (as execution only)

Options UK Personal Pensions LLP and MK SIPP Trustees UK Limited ('trustee') will not provide you with legal, financial, investment, tax or other advice and aren’t responsible for the suitability or appropriateness of your decision to set up a Self-Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

This application should only be completed if you aren’t receiving financial advice from a Financial Conduct Authority regulated financial adviser. You must ensure you understand the implications of this decision before proceeding.

If you need help in understanding any part of this application, please contact us 0330 124 1505.

You are requesting to establish a SIPP on an execution only basis, and in doing so you have decided not to take independent financial advice from a regulated adviser.

The security and safety of your data is very important to us. A copy of our privacy notice is available on our website www.optionspensions.co.uk/privacy

If you have any questions, or need to discuss specific client requirements please give our Illustrations Team a call on 0330 124 1505.

Please provide a short statement in your own words as to the reason for establishing the SIPP on an execution only basis.